Monday, June 6, 2011


The one thing to remember when shooting with people and more importantly kids is that you cannot account for what they are going to bring to the shoot and one can only plan for so much. Going into the shoot I had a certain image I was looking to capture, and while I may not have captured the specific image I had in mind,  upon coming home and looking over our shoot... I was able capture her in that moment in time and that is what we do as photographers. This is what I truly love about shooting with people. I can say that we did get "THE" shot. I hope you enjoy these highlights from Audrey's shoot as much as I do. Sweet baby girl.

Thank you Leah and Audrey.

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Twain, Dad & Papa / Cindy,Mom,Granma & Ninnie said...

Way cute!! Love your work and your pic at play;-)